Corso looks out for merchants


Post-purchase expenses are rising.Corso can help.

Corso Shipping Protection

Resolving shipping issues and getting paid for it. Too good to be true?

Returns & Exchanges

Merchant-friendly pricing, features, and service. Disruptive or just common sense?

Warranty & Extended Warranties

All-in-one warranty management and extended product protection. What’s the catch?

"I have zero complaints about Corso! Out of the six platforms we have implemented, Corso has definitely been the best! LOVE how they are also helping the environment. Great people, great software -  It's a win-win-win! "

Corso comes with your own carbon reduction program.

Participate with us in e-commerce sustainability.

Corso Is…


To help merchants stay competitive with consumer’s post-purchase needs, we provide merchant-friendly pricing and revenue opportunities.


To us, it’s simple: we genuinely like helping you and your customers. We know it’s all about people when choosing who you work with.


When you use our apps, we treat your brand and data with respect. We don’t promote ourselves or abuse your data.


From the very beginning we have set out to work with merchants to advance e-commerce sustainability. Let’s help the planet together.

Marketplace Apps

Green Shipping Protection


Green Shipping Protection

Big Commerce

Corso. Return. Exchange. Warranty.



“We switched to Corso and have been very pleased! The onboarding process was easy and the support team has been excellent.” – Sparkle In Pink


“The whole team at Corso is absolutely incredible and we truly cannot say enough about them. We are very impressed and recommend them to everyone!” – Kinfield


“Their team is extremely responsive; It’s refreshing. We used another vendor for over two years, change is scary, but Corso made the switch easy.” – Shefit


“We added Corso to our cart and checkout last year and its been an easy way for customers to be assured their package will get to them. – Made By Mary”

What’s New At Corso

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