Reasons Claims May Be Denied

At Corso, we approve 99.9% of claims but occasionally there are instances that would require us to deny a claim usually with the customers understanding the reason and finding a resolution regardless.

Here are a few common reasons a claim could be denied:

The merchant and/or Corso has already issued a replacement, exchange, store credit, or return.

The item(s) did not encounter shipping issues, but the customer would like an exchange or refund for any other reason. (This can be addressed and resolved by contacting the merchant directly.)

The customer confirms the package did arrive undamaged after claim was initiated.

Multiple claims by the same person(s) or household  identified by any or a combination of the following: email address, carrier corrected delivery address, bill to address, payment method details, recipient name, billing name.

Package Protection was not purchased. (Please reach out directly to merchant for issues in this case.)

Claim was initiated outside of the eligibility time frame of 60 days after order was placed.

*Please note, this above list is not comprehensive. If there is reason to believe a claim is not valid or has not been placed in good faith, a claim may be denied at Corso’s discretion.