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Shipping protection, perfected for brands

Discover why top e-commerce brands are adding Corso’s shipping protection as an integral part of their brand experience and post-purchase service.

  • Save lost revenue
  • Convert shipping issues into loyalty
  • Reduce apps and post-purchase emails
  • Promote sustainability


Service is the heart of Corso

Convert shipping issues into loyal customers.

  • Fast responses – typically under 1 hour
  • Approve-all-claims business model – over 99% approval
  • Transparent claim surveys – 97.8% CSAT
  • Use your favorite help desk to submit claims for your customers – Gorgias, Zendesk, and more.

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Shipping Protection Integrations


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Now Available: Shopify Checkout UI Extensibility

Corso’s Checkout Extension adds shipping protection to your newly updated Shopify checkout.  As an extension built into Shopify’s ecosystem, you’ll be able to add Corso Shipping Protection to checkout, adjust the location to wherever you like and customize the widget to match your brand.

Lightweight and minimal

Our widget is tiny both in size and design.

  • Engineered for an easy install and clean uninstall
  • Virtually no impact on page speed (less than 10kb)
  • Simple widget fits your site’s style
  • No negative impact on cart conversion




We switched to Corso and have been very pleased! The onboarding process was easy and the support team has been excellent.

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Their team is extremely responsive; It’s refreshing. We used another vendor for over two years, change is scary, but Corso made the switch easy.


The whole team at Corso is absolutely incredible and we truly cannot say enough about them. We are very impressed and recommend them to everyone!


We added Corso to our cart and checkout last year and its been an easy way for customers to be assured their package will get to them.

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