Streamlined Post-purchase Operations

The ideal solution for not-so-ideal orders.

Brands trust the Corso team to resolve post-purchace issues with our all-in-one shipping protection, returns, and warranty services.

True Classic

How to turn your customer’s 🙁 into a 🙂


You’ve built a rad brand and customers love your products, especially Kim.

Kim is excited about her order but then something goes terribly wrong: it goes missing, or it’s the wrong color, or it breaks.


Luckily you use Corso’s post-purchase services to help you with the nasty things that aren’t in your control. Kim is able to resolve her shipping, return, or warranty issue with ease.

Kim is stoked. You’re the hero.


As a result, Kim and customers like her give a 98% CSI score to your post-purchase tech, team, and services.

We help eCommerce brands be their best when orders are at their worst

Corso is here to help you quickly and efficiently resolve post-purchase problems in a cost effective and revenue-generating way.

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Save time. Save money. Save the planet

Green Shipping Protection is a cheat code for dealing with shipping issues. And the Corso Concierge will blow your customer's mind with < 1 hour response times, 99% claim approvals, and 98% CSI.  🤯

You finally get to take a break while we work to increase your revenue, decrease your expenses, and give you all the credit.

Go ahead and take a load off, you deserve it.

Returns aren't going away so you might as well make them worth it

According to a fancy study 📈 customers are 70% more likely to buy from you again if they have a positive returns experience. With Corso's streamlined post-purchase platform, we are betting we can bump that even higher.

Make warranty claims easy as 1... well... there's just 1.

Managing manufacturer warranty claims can be frustrating 🤬 (we'd know, we've personally managed warranty programs with email and excel spreadsheets). That's why we created a system that solves the pains of warranty management and integrates it into 1 post-purchase platform.

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