Corso Green Shipping Protection

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We’ll do right by the planet together, and make sure your goods arrive safe and sound.

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What does this mean?

Your favorite brand has partnered with Corso Green Shipping Protection to provide a concierge shipping experience in the case that things go wrong with your package in transit. ‍

For a nominal fee, Corso protects your package against loss, damage and theft in the form of a quick and easy reorder process. This will save you time (and hassle) of having to deal with carriers to retrieve your package if something goes wrong.

In today’s world, it’s worth the few bucks


1) Purchase the protection
2) Check your email
3) Reorder


Retention is key to successful business growth. Our platform gives your customers a better experience from start to finish in order for you to easily turn them into lifelong fans.

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Of Americans reported having had a package stolen from their porch, front door or mailbox in their lifetime


Of porch pirate victims were refunded or shipped a new package when reporting a package as stolen during a recent study

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