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How Corso Can Help Cut Your Business Costs?
By Georgina Monti
Last updated June 17, 2022
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Consumers have been shifting away from brick-and-mortar stores and heavily towards eCommerce over the past few years. In fact, more than 55% of US consumers prefer to shop online. The trend is promising for continued growth for DTC brands.

However, with many external factors such as the pandemic and inflation, it’s essential to streamline processes and cut costs when and where you can in your brand. All of this needs to be done while maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enter Corso.

Corso was created to take some weight off your business’ shoulders by handling shipping issues through order protection, all while offsetting carbon emissions to give you the increasingly sought-after sustainability stamp.

For the consumers, it offers peace of mind knowing their package is covered while helping the environment. However, a huge perk of Corso for merchants is the cost savings. Below we’ve outlined how Corso can help cut your business costs.

Automate Processes

In general, automating processes saves time and revenue by eliminating bottlenecks and improving efficiency and productivity within a business. Implementing Green Shipping Protection™ for shipping issues allows you to focus on the high-level tasks that will directly elevate and grow your business.

So how does Corso automate processes? When a shipping issue arises, it can be delegated to the Corso concierge team to handle. Our dedicated team acts as an extension of your customer support to quickly resolve the issue with a response to your customer within 24 hours or less. Corso’s priority is to keep your customers happy, as higher customer satisfaction leads to greater customer retention, higher customer lifetime value, and a stronger brand reputation.

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Reorder Revenue

Given the increase in online shopping, it really comes as no surprise that the number of stolen and lost packages has also increased. In fact, around 210 million packages were stolen from porches in the US in 2021. Not only is this extremely costly to the business, but it can also result in lower customer satisfaction. 83% of customers stated that they would not shop with a business again following a poor delivery experience. This doesn’t leave much room for error, especially as things tighten up during an economic downturn.

Corso recoups these costs for you with Green Shipping Protection. The shipping protection is added to the customer’s cart and is about 2% of the cart value, which covers both the shipping protection and last-mile shipment carbon offsets. If an issue arises with the order, the customer can contact the Corso customer service team directly. The team will then get a replacement shipped immediately, at no charge to the merchant. The replacement order is fully paid for by the Corso team.

This quick resolution not only keeps the customer happy but also allows you to remain focused on the important tasks and not lose revenue on lost, damaged, or stolen goods.

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Decrease Support Tickets

Support tickets cost your business money, time, and even customers if they cannot be handled quickly and efficiently. There are a number of ways you can reduce support tickets, for example by adding an FAQ page to your site. However, support tickets are inevitable, and managing them can be more challenging than it seems. To reduce the stress and workload on your team and reduce the risk of answered and unhappy customers, Corso handles all of the support tickets associated with shipping if their order has Green Shipping Protection applied. This helps to speed up your business’ support process time, delight customers, and save money.

In conclusion, Corso exists to help you, by tackling tough shipping issues and lightening the customer service load. In addition to improving the overall post-purchase experience, and saving your business time and money. This means you can get back to focusing on moving the needle for your business.

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