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Package Protection: 5 Effective Strategies Against Porch Pirates
By Georgina Monti
Last updated November 9, 2023

The holiday season is here. The sales have begun. Your favorite clothing company is having a blowout Black Friday sale. The dress you’ve had your eyes on is 50% off. You place your order. You’re so excited that you track the shipment all the way to your doorstep. “Delivered”. You check the doorstep. There’s nothing there … 

Unfortunately, 49 million Americans also share that unpleasant feeling and had at least one package stolen in the last 12 months. 

As online shopping has become more convenient and increasingly popular, it has raised a growing concern: porch pirates. In order to protect your packages and ensure a worry-free shopping experience, there are a few simple, yet effective strategies you can implement. In this article, we’ll explore 5 effective strategies to protect your deliveries and deter package theft.

How To Protect Your Deliveries And Deter Package Theft


Security Cameras: Keep an Eye on Your Property

Security cameras are an excellent tool to deter porch pirates and monitor your property. Place visible cameras near your front door to discourage thieves from attempting theft. Additionally, smart doorbell cameras allow you to see and communicate with delivery personnel in real-time. This allows you to instruct the delivery driver to leave the package in a concealed or more secure location than the doorstep. In case of a package theft attempt, you’ll have video evidence that can be invaluable for law enforcement or claims. Security cameras cannot physically stop porch pirates but act as an effective deterrent and provide concrete evidence for claims. 

Package Notifications: Stay Informed

Package notifications are your eyes and ears when you’re not at home. Most delivery companies and e-commerce platforms offer tracking and notification services. Sign up for these notifications, and you’ll receive updates on your package’s status, including when it’s out for delivery and when it’s been delivered. By knowing exactly when your package will arrive, you can plan to be present or arrange for a neighbor to collect it.

Secure Delivery Locations: Choose Wisely

Consider the delivery location for your packages. If possible, request deliveries to a secure location, such as a side entrance or a backyard if accessible. Alternatively, you can designate a trusted neighbor who can accept your packages on your behalf. Choosing a secure delivery location reduces the visibility of packages to potential thieves. Additionally, many shipping carriers and online retailers now offer options like requiring a signature upon delivery, using package lockers, or selecting in-store pickup. These measures ensure that your packages are handed directly to you or stored securely until you can retrieve them.

Package Theft Deterrents: Visible and Audible Alerts

Visible deterrents can discourage porch pirates. Display signs or stickers near your front door indicating that your property is monitored or protected. Audible deterrents, like motion-activated lights or alarms, can startle potential thieves, drawing attention to their actions and dissuading them from approaching.

Package Protection: Secure Your Shipments

While package protection doesn’t directly confront porch pirates, it does help alleviate the headache that arises when theft occurs. By opting for package protection during the checkout process, if your package is stolen, you can directly reach out to the protection provider, enabling them to swiftly replace or refund your order without the need to navigate claims, complex forms, or provide evidence.

Corso Green Shipping Protection offers a straightforward solution: in the event of theft, loss, or damage, customers can complete a user-friendly form, and the dedicated CX concierge team will promptly respond by issuing a refund or shipping a replacement within 24 hours.

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Do I Need To Protect My Package?

The answer is a resounding yes. Save yourself from the stress and headaches of complicated claims forms, stay proactive, and use these effective strategies to keep your packages secure. 

Learn more about package protection and how it saves both customers and brands a lot of time, headaches and money.

In Summary

By implementing these five strategies, you can fortify your defenses against pesky porch pirates and significantly reduce the risk of package theft. Remember that porch piracy is a growing concern, but with proactive measures and vigilance, you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping without the worry of stolen packages.

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