Mindfulness + People Operations

Mindfulness plays a vital role in your employees output. 
Through the Mindful Notebook, help your most important resource achieve greatness.

Your Company, Better. 

"After purchasing the Mindful Notebook for our team, I see many of our leaders using it daily, reciting quotes from it and sharing their gratitude. 
It is a tool for self-reflection and has helped me personally." 
- Mike Stamper, Regional VP, Nestle 
Our motto is "connection, gratitude and growth" and as we searched for a notebook to help us and our clients embody those three words, we were drawn to the Mindful Notebook. I find it's a great tool for self-improvement as gratitude is something I easily forget to practice. As I'm more grateful and introspective, I'm able to be a better teammate for Granogi. 

- Eric Baird, Founder & CEO | Granogi

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