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Did you know that 20% of your website traffic hits the order tracking experience? Turn all of that customer engagement into customer loyalty and reduce CX inquiries.

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Order Tracking that inspires, delights, converts and resolves shipping concerns.  


Valuable Traffic 

The average shopper views their order status 3-5 times while their order is in transit. Capitalize on this customer engagement to educate, inform, and promote your products to your existing customers. 

In Transit Notifications

Reduce customer service WISMO (Where is My Order) inquiries by proactively informing customers of the status of their shipment through branded tracking page and/or push notification via Email/SMS


Resolve Shipping Issues Quickly
Timing is everything when it comes Customer Service. Use the Corso <> Malomo integration to help customers report shipping issues with just a few clicks directly from the Malomo branded tracking page.

Check out the Malomo X Corso integration:

This partnership makes it so seamless for a customer to get a quick resolution to their shipping concerns. The shipment process is more transparent then ever with Corso and Malomo working together.

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