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Bohme Case Study

Bohme leverages Green Shipping Protection to reduce workload and improve the customer experience, enabling them to focus on fashion. 

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Bohme leverages Green Shipping Protection to reduce workload and improve the customer experience, enabling them to focus on fashion. 

Committed to sourcing high-quality clothing and providing excellent customer service, Bohme knew that their ecommerce shipping experience needed to match the quality and care of their clothing. For this reason, they chose Corso Green Shipping Protection to provide peace of mind and an exceptional shipping and customer service experience to their customers.

Corso reduces the Bohme CX team’s ticket count by an average of 150+ tickets a month, allowing the Bohme team to focus their time on helping more customers to look and feel their most beautiful.

How does the partnership work?

Bohme is able to offer a seamless customer experience by utilizing the best in class customer solutions tech. By leveraging the Corso Green Shipping Protection Integration with the Gorgias Helpdesk, the Bohme CX team is able to quickly respond to all their customer inquiries from one easy-to-use helpdesk.

Gorgias helps brands to manage customer communications between phone, email, SMS, chat, etc. all within one dashboard. Shopify merchants love how Gorgias connects with customer order data and has easy-to-use integrations, like the Corso Green Shipping Protection integration. 

While customers can easily report a shipping issue directly from their order confirmation email, cx representatives can also simply file these shipping claims from the Gorgias dashboard for their customers as well.


Unfortunately, packages do get lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. It’s never a great feeling. However, when it does happen immensely valuable to have the Corso tech and the team facilitate a quick and easy resolution to help your customers, that doesn’t break the bank.

Each employee I corresponded with was prompt, polite, helpful, and thorough. The process was fast and easy!

Libby N

Verified Bohme Customer

Emma followed up with me very quickly, demonstrated empathy in her message, and ensured that she had the correct address on file prior to proceeding. Thank you Emma!
Chantal B

Verified Bohme Customer

They said I would hear from someone on Monday. Secretly I was hoping my package would show up, but sadly no! However, hearing from you is a plus! Thanks.
Sydney S

Verified Bohme Customer

Thank you so much for help. You were so polite and helpful from the minute you picked up the phone. This is my first order and while some people it may deter from ordering again, your helpful customer service will bring me to another order very soon!
Diane D.

Verified Bohme Customer


– Over 150 tickets are handled by the Corso CX per month for Bohme covering 46 reorders on average per month.

– 97.7% of Bohme customers gave Corse a 5-star review. Corso reaches a full resolution for customers within 24 hours.

– Bohme has offset 6 metric tons of carbon with Corso Green Shipping Protection. That’s the equivalent of carbon captured with 300 trees growing for 1 year!

Super easy implementation! The team is very helpful and managed to implement a lot of custom functionalities. So far we are very happy with the protection. Their CS is great, they are very responsive.

- Bohme

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