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Uh oh. Stacy Didn’t Get Her Package

You’ve built a stellar brand, and your customers love your products, especially Stacy.

Stacy is excited about her order, but then something terrible happens: the carrier says the package was delivered but she never got it 🙁

Luckily you have Corso Green Shipping Protection. Stacy simply reaches out to Corso and our world class CX team resolves her shipping issue in minutes.

Stacy is stoked and writes in her review, “Everyone … has been incredibly helpful, professional, and kind. I will definitely be shopping with this brand and using this service again in the future!” 🙂

P.S. We have collected thousands of stories like Stacy’s. Customer’s like her give a 98% customer satisfaction rating when you use Corso’s tech, team, and services.

User Experience

How It Works 

For around 2% of the cart value, your customers can add Green Shipping Protection to their order. This means added peace of mind + an elevated customer experience if they experience a lost or damaged order issue.

When a shipping issue happens, your customer can request a reorder or refund through their order confirmation email yor brands sends at the time of purchase.

Corso’s concierge team will reach out ASAP to help your customer get a quick & easy resolution of their issue.

Alternatively, your CX team can use our integrations with helpdesks like Gorgias or Zendesk to have our team take the ticket off their plate.

Customer Experience

Putting Your
Customers First

Our Concierge team is led by e-commerce veterans that have built and scaled multiple 8-figure brands.

You can relax knowing that we are taking care of your customers at the same level you would, all while saving you precious time.

We make sure every customer is responded to by a real human (purposefully NOT AI) within one hour of filing a claim. Then, we make sure they get a full resolution in under 23 hours (because 24 is so cliche).

Customer response times

Resolution times


Customer satisfaction score

We Are Building A Better Post Purchase

Corso’s goal is to help you quickly and efficiently resolve post-purchase issues in a cost effective, sustainable, and revenue-generating way. Learn more about our platform below!

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Save time. Save money. Save the planet

Green Shipping Protection is a cheat code for dealing with shipping issues. And the Corso Concierge will blow your customer's mind with < 1 hour response times, 99% claim approvals, and 98% CSI.  🤯

You finally get to take a break while we work to increase your revenue, decrease your expenses, and give you all the credit.

Go ahead and take a load off, you deserve it.

Returns aren't going away so you might as well make them worth it

According to studies 📈 customers are 70% more likely to buy from you again if they have a positive returns experience. With Corso's streamlined post-purchase platform, we are betting we can bump that even higher.

Make warranty claims easy as 1... well... there's just 1.

Managing manufacturer warranty claims can be frustrating 🤬 (we'd know, we've personally managed warranty programs with email and excel spreadsheets). That's why we created a system that solves the pains of warranty management and integrates it into 1 post-purchase platform.

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