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The Mindful Notebook

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"With the addition of a few simple features, Corso has transformed a basic notebook into a powerful tool to help you get motivated, achieve your goals, and reflect on your day."- Everyday Carry


 "If you want to increase your productivity and happiness, it's time to slow down and surrender your smartphone (at least for a bit) and stick a good, old-fashioned pen to a pad. For that, The Mindful Notebook by Corso is here to help." - Forbes 


"The fast pace of digital life can make it difficult to think clearly at times. The Mindful Notebook is designed to help you focus your mind at the start of each day and concentrate on what matters in your life." - Popular Science


"The Mindful Notebook is designed to be used in your daily life so that your mindfulness practice is integrated into your routine." - Mashable


"We all lead busy lives — and between running around trying to make your career, interpersonal relationships and passion projects all work together and run smoothly, it's easy to feel a little unfocused and frantic. Gain a little extra clarity with The Mindful Notebook — an easy tool meant to help you reorganize and reset daily." -

Live Happy Notebook

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