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SheFit uses Corso Concierge to reduce CX tickets and create raving customers.

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SheFit uses Corso Concierge to reduce CX tickets and create raving customers.

Soon after Shefit partnered with Corso, our concierge team processed on average of 300 support tickets every month, freeing up valuable time for their team to focus on other important tasks.

Corso’s top priority is providing fast and efficient customer service. With an average response time of 38 minutes, Corso reaches a full resolution in just 1 hour or less. This means that SheFit customers receive quick and easy solutions to shipping issues.

Not only does Corso save time for SheFit, but it also increases revenue. With a success rate of 100%, Corso replaces over 50 orders at full MSRP with zero denied claims each month. This translates to more happy customers and increased revenue for the brand.

With the new Corso X Status integration, SheFit customers are able to file shipping claims quickly and easily. Over 15% of shipping claims come through the Status Accounts customer dashboard.

Best customer service I’ve dealt with in a long time! My sports bra got lost the mail and they sent me a new one right away!

Kimberly B.

Verified Shefit Customer

A mishap took place with my first order, leaving me in tears. SheFit’s team IMMEDIATELY resolved the issue and let me know ASAP! Leaving me with tears of pure joy & deep gratitude! THANK YOU SO MUCH SHEFIT!

Stephanie G.

Verified Shefit Customer

Fantastic service- friendly efficient FIVE STAR

Storm L.

Verified Shefit Customer

Emma was very polite, empathetic, and helpful! I really appreciate the assistance and look forward to receiving my order.

Rickell H.

Verified Shefit Customer

Corso is also committed to sustainability and helping brands like SheFit offset their carbon footprint. To date, they have offset 124 metric tons of carbon through Corso, the equivalent of over 51,000 gallons of gasoline consumed. This demonstrates SheFit’s commitment to being environmentally responsible while still being able to run the business effectively.

Corso is the perfect solution for Shopify brands looking to streamline shipping-related issues and offset their carbon footprint. With fast response times, increased revenue, and sustainable practices, Corso is a no-brainer for eco-conscious brands like SheFit.

The Corso team is truly invested and interested in the success of our brand, the planet and the customer

Melissa D.

Director of Customer Experience, Shefit

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Shefit uses our Status integration to make it even easier for customers to file shipping claims

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