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Status Accounts

Increase repeat purchases with an account that supports every step of the shopping journey.

Unite your Customer Shopping Experience!


Customized repeat customer shopping experience

Create a customize and unique shopping experience for your repeat shoppers. Based off of customer previous shopping behaviors Status Accounts creates a unique shopping experience to give applicable product suggestions and more!

Increase repeat purchases

Status Accounts makes us effortless to sign-in to a seamless portal that links all your favorite customer facing apps like Corso Shipping Protection, rewards platforms, Malomo Tracking and more… all within the Status Accounts user portal.

Easily resolve shipping issues

While customers effortless sign-in to their account shoppers can quickly track their order within Status accounts and simultaneously report a shipping issue with the Corso Shipping Protection Integration with Status Accounts.


Resolve Customer Inquiries Quickly
Timing is everything when it comes Customer Service. Use the Corso <> Status Accounts Integration to help customers report shipping issues with just a few clicks.


Centralize all your post purchase interactions in one place
Make it easy for customers to manage all their port purchase interactions within one easy to use account management tool with Status Accounts. Customers can easily track their orders, view order history, request a return, view rewards points, activate loyalty programs and most importantly… report shipping issues all within the customized returning customer shopping expereince provided by Status Accounts.

“Status Accounts makes it easy for a customer to manage their relationship and orders from a merchant with 1 easy sign-in. Customers can easily view order history, wish lists, rewards points etc.. all within the Status Accounts dashboard.”



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