Topicals Increases Revenue While Decreasing Workload

Topicals leverages Green Shipping Protection to increase revenue, quickly fix shipping issues, and make upset customers raving fans.


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Topicals leverages Green Shipping Protection to increase revenue, resolve shipping issues quickly, and turn upset customers into raving fans.

Powered by Shopify, Topicals is an eCommerce skincare brand using only quality ingredients and herbals that have been scientifically proven via third party, peer-reviewed clinical studies. In partnership with their scientific advisory board, all of their products are formulated to the highest quality. In addition to the superior quality, these formulas are constantly being improved based on customer feedback and new clinical findings to ensure that their products work effectively, efficiently, and gently on all skin types.

This constant strive for product evolution and improvements led the team at Topicals to search for a solution that would help them alleviate their CX workload, without compromising on customer support consistent with their brand values. That is when they began working with Corso and our Corso Concierge team.

Corso Concierge is able to handle a large majority of shipping issues experienced by their customers. With an almost 1% claim rate, Corso supports hundreds of Topicals customers every single month.

Emma was extremely helpful. She offered quick responses and resolved my issue in a very timely manner. 

Brenquetta C.

Verified Topicals Customer

Emma was wonderful and made the request easy to fix. 10/10 best customer service I’ve experienced.

Aria H.

Verified Topicals Customer

Amazing service, super fast response and dealt with my problem.

Mariette N.

Verified Topicals Customer

Thank you for handling my situation with my lost purchase …and doing a reorder so quickly …

Kristy D.

Verified Topicals Customer

However, not every customer reaches out directly to Corso Concierge when they encounter a shipping issue. Therefore when those issues occur, customers are able to use our popular Gorgias widget. Instead of telling customers to reach out to Corso, customer service representatives are able to quickly submit a reorder request on behalf of the customer in under 7 seconds using the Gorgias X Corso integration. This keeps the process seamless, fast, and efficient.

The Corso integration with Gorgias is by far my favorite integration


Customer Experience Manager, Topicals

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Topicals flyout cart featuring the Rebuy X Corso integration.

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